Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning.

As as adult, living on my own, I've never done 'spring cleaning'. For one thing, cleaning sucks. For another thing, no one was making me do it so why would I? lol.

But my mother in law is in town visiting this weekend, and she hadn't seen the apartment since we moved in and it was full of boxes so I figured it was time. If I'm being honest, the apartment needed a good deep cleaning. We clean the house weekly, but the weekly cleaning really is just surface cleaning. There was clutter everywhere and dog hair dust bunnies galore.

I spent four days cleaning, organizing, scrubbing, taking everything off every shelf and dusting (dusting is my least favorite 'chore' of all!), purging crap we didn't need, tidying and replacing things like shower curtain liners that needed to be replaced but I had been putting off.

Looking around the house now I'm glad I did it. I'm glad the house is clean. I love how open and airy it feels.  I love that I don't look around the room and think of things that need to be done. Last night I was wiped out and so sore, but today I'm glad it's done.

This morning I pulled a total Martha Stewart move and got a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to put in a vase on the dining room table. Martha knows what she's talking about. Fresh flowers really do complete a room - especially a freshly cleaned room!

I've got the Scentsy warmer going (trying to cover the smell of the smoke and ash from the wildfire 20 miles north of us), Jeff's mom is here safe from her flight, Madeline just woke up from her nap - we're gonna head down to Old Town to do touristy stuff. It's nice to be able to spend time with Jeff's mom and not have to worry about housework.

As sucky as house cleaning is, I really do recommend doing spring cleaning. I don't plan on doing it again till next year though. haha!

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