Thursday, May 3, 2012

The dreaded shot appointment.

This week Bean had her last shot appointment (until just before she starts school), and even though I knew it would be quick and then we'd be done for 3ish years, we both had a pretty rough time at the Drs office.

                                                          She's not thrilled to be here. (In the waiting room)

She has a case of 'stranger-danger' and doesn't like the nurse/Dr looking or poking at her. She also does NOT like the exam table in the office. You know the one... black cushioned top, white crinkly paper over the top of that for sanitation reasons... Yea, that one. She hates it.

                                                 nervously 'petting' the silk on the inside of her bunny-blankie. 

Because we've done a selective and delayed schedule all of her shots are individual, no combo immunizations, so she had to get 2 separate shots. Poor Bean. I hate having to hold her down and I hate that she (obviously) screams and cries through it, and after.

Thankfully, she was quickly distracted by a Dora the Explorer sticker and the Alphabet letters hanging up in the waiting room while I paid our co-pay.

                                                              Every time we're there I want to move the Z sssooo bad!

After the Dr's office we had a few errands to run, but she was a trooper. She was pretty excited about her sticker:


until it lost it's sticky from taking it off, and putting it back on 101 times, and didn't seem to care much about her shots unless she happened to look down and see her bandaids. At which point she'd poke her finger into them and cry and cry. lol Poor baby. :( Once I took her bandaids off when we got home her traumatic experience was forgotten and she took a good long nap.

I know, I know.... they're important, but it doesn't mean getting those shots are enjoyable for either of us!

(Oh! My big girl Bean weighed in at a full 21lbs 2oz!)

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