Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Peanut Butter Bird Feeders!

For Mother's Day my mom gave me a bag of birdseed, some ribbon, a jar of peanut butter, and three empty toilet paper rolls with holes punched in them. "For you and Maddy to make birdfeeders" she said. Such a thoughtful gift! 

Making bird feeders like this is something I've wanted to do with Bean, but assumed that she was too young still. You know what they say about assuming.

I had to put the strings through the holes and apply the peanut butter, but Bean rocked my socks off when it came to her bird seed sprinkling technique.

She tried the rolling technique, but didn't like grabbing onto the sticky peanut butter covered rolls.

While I got the next roll ready she helped herself to the peanut butter jar. She's TOTALLY my kid!

We made all three bird feeders, she loved adding the birdseed to all three of them. Sometimes she'll get bored half way through a craft project, but this is pretty quick and quite simple so it held her attention. Plus? Eating spoonful after spoonful of peanut butter was allowed. What's not to like?

After all three were made I temporarily hung them on the railing and cleaned up. Girlfriend was a sticky mess!! She tried to eat some of the birdseed when I was bringing stuff inside, but thankfully decided it wasn't worth eating. Gross.

After I got everything back inside, and got all the birdseed out of her mouth, I ran around the building and hung our new feeders on the tree.

Now, I have no idea if the birds will be able to actually eat the seed or not. The legit bird feeder we have had little perches for the birds to stand on.... so, hopefully birds can do a fly-by and pick the seed off the rolls while in mid-flight. Who knows, we'll have to wait and see. But it was a really fun project to do together  and it opened my eyes to the fact that my Big Girl Bean is big enough to do more craft projects. :)

Happy Wednesday!!


Life with Kaishon said...

What a great Mama you have : ) Very sweet. Your daughter is adorable!

Larissa said...

Great Mother's Day gift idea! The picture of them hanging from the tree is beautiful!