Friday, January 25, 2013

We're having a....

We're very excited to be having a boy! I'll admit that I feel, a bit, like we're jumping into the unknown seeing as how I know what to expect with girl parts, but I know that we'll be just fine and we'll figure out our sweet boy's ins and outs as they come. I've always wanted a boy, but I think once we had Bean I just assumed we'd be a house of daughters. That's what I get for assuming, right?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh hai....

It's been 3 months since I last posted. Whoops! Life got crazy, really crazy, really fast and I just couldn't keep up. But, here we are in a new year and things have settled down so I'm going to try really hard to be better about posting regularly again. This is what you've missed in the last three months:

We went to Las Vegas for Jeff's grandparent's 60th anniversary celebration the first week in October, but sadly, his Gramps passed away the morning after we arrived. While we were there we also got word that we officially bought a house, and that the closing date was set for 3 weeks later. And, as if those weren't enough to deal with, I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 a few days after we arrived, and after his Gramps passed. Needless to say, that week long "vacation" was far from a vacation, instead it was full of mixed emotions and overwhelming stress. Jeff's grandpa was a veteran and the family wanted him laid to rest at the Veteran's Memorial cemetery. There was a bit of a traffic jam there, and they were unable to set a funeral date before we had to get back to Colorado for Jeff to get back to work.

We got back home and began packing the apartment as fast as we could. The funeral date was set fairly quickly, quicker than we expected, so we were home less than a week before we headed back to Las Vegas for the funeral. This trip we drove, instead of flying, to save money. The funeral service was beautiful. We wished that we had more time to spend in Vegas with his mom and Grandma, but we had to be back on a Thursday in order to close on the house early on a Friday morning.

Unexpectedly, and unfortunately, my "morning" sickness hit as soon as we got back home. With Bean I felt great until 9.5weeks along. This time it hit at 6 weeks, like a Mack truck. And I put "morning" in quotes because it doesn't last only through the morning, I felt like garbage all day every day. Thankfully I wasn't vomiting, but I was incredibly nauseous. Nothing helped to relieve it. I just felt like I had a stomach flu day in and day out. I did my best to get us moved over into the new house (with my family's help) and out of the apartment before I totally succumbed to the yuck and just laid down.

Moving is stressful and exhausting enough without feeling like total crap. It was a good day if I unpacked one box all day long. Bean was SUCH a trooper, she happily played puppets, coloring, reading books, practicing her flashcards, etc while laying with me in bed or on the couch or on the living room floor. The less time I spent vertical, the better. Jeff was also really helpful and understanding that I just couldn't unpack as fast as he'd/I'd like. We got it (mostly) done relatively quickly, and were able to sit down and enjoy our new house before Thanksgiving.

Thankfully my "morning" sickness started to let up just before Christmas. I was still nauseous every day, but not ALL DAY every day anymore. Which was a real blessing so that I could enjoy my family over my favorite holiday. Thanks to an amazing group of friends who all chipped in we had our very first real Christmas tree, in our very first house. Christmas was fantastic, Bean got spoiled of course, my mom came and spent the day with us which was really nice, all in all it was a really wonderful holiday.

Jeff had a four day weekend for Christmas and another one for New Years, but now he's getting back into the swing of things so I figure I should too. It's a new year, in our new house, I'm working hard at growing a new member of our family, and I'm doing my best to enjoy our life and our family as it is right now. We have about 5 more months as a family of 3, and as panicked as it makes me sometimes to think about how much our lives are going to change SOON when the new baby comes, I'm just trying to soak in my sweet Bean girl while she's still my one and only, and I know that she'll be an amazing big sister when the time comes.

Phew. That was a big update... I'm sure I forgot things, but it is what it is. Like I said, I'm going to try to get back into my normal routine... which sure will make updating my blog a lot easier if I don't have to do a 3 month update every time I log in. LOL!