Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today at naptime I rocked you to sleep in the glider your Gramma and my Grandpa bought for you. While I rocked you I was blown away at how big you seem. Gone are the days of you looking like a little squishy Bean. You seem like a full blown toddler now.

You always sleep to music, so I put on your Disney Lullabies cd, closed the drapes and turned the lights off. When we first nestled down in the rocking chair you grabbed your Bun-Blankie

and snuggled her up under your chin. I cradled you and started rocking, humming along with the music.

As you stared to get sleepy you started to rub your eyes and nose and yawned a biiiiiig yawn - it was the first time (that I can recall) where you audibly yawned. It made me smile and imagine you doing it more and more the older you get. Three songs in, it was hard for you to keep your eyes open... but you tried as hard as you could. It was funny to see you raise your eyebrows as high as possible trying to force your eyes open. By the time the fourth song started you were out cold - and still holding on to Bun-Blankie. I kissed your face, breathed in your sweet baby breath and then kept rocking.

I held you close and rocked you for 2 more full songs before I finally laid you down to go finish the laundry. I know it sounds cheesy, but I swear - I felt like that was the last time I'd get to rock my baby Madeline to sleep. From now on, I'll be putting my toddler Madeline down to bed.

I look forward to toddler adventures, but already miss my baby. ♥