Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glucose test

I have my glucose test scheduled for Thursday morning and I'm a bit nervous about it.

I made a point to request a two hour post prandial test - which lets you eat a big breakfast, wait two hours and then go in for a blood draw - because I've always been sensitive to sugar and a bit hypoglycemic and am afraid that if I were to take the glucose drink that my body would NOT be able to break down the artificial sugars fast enough and I'd fail miserably. However, my OB suggested that we just do a fasting blood draw instead. So, Wednesday night I can eat dinner normally, and then not eat breakfast and go in for my appt and get my blood drawn. Thankfully, I'll still be able to drink as much water as needed/wanted so I won't be hungry AND thirsty.

However, I'm still worried. Worried because being diagnosed with gestational diabetes is bad news for more than one reason. For one, depending on how bad the numbers are you either have to seriously alter your diet - or, you have to give yourself insulin injections. I don't dig needles... in fact, I'm terrified of needles so the idea of having to give myself injections is not one I want to entertain. Then, there is the concern that your baby may be born extremely hypoglycemic or excessively overweight. Third, is the additional fetal monitoring "required" during labor/childbirth that my OB and the hospital's nurses would want to push on me. Excessive fetal monitoring majorly hinders the birth I hope to have. I don't want to be strapped down to the bed with various types of monitors, I don't want the "dead baby" card thrown at me every chance they get... I just really don't want to be taken out of the "low-risk" category and put into a higher risk category. The higher the risk, the harder I'll have to fight to have a natural birth in the hospital - and depending on the legitimacy of the high numbers, the higher the actual risk of complications for my child. I obviously don't want anything to harm my baby, of course I want her to be healthy - so I really don't want gestational diabetes.

I know I'm worrying about something that I have very little control over, but I can't help but to worry. I have my fingers crossed that my body will function properly and the numbers will be within the normal blood sugar range.

I'm hoping that I'm worrying for nothing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Picking a name is tricky...

I personally feel like parents need to put a ton of thought into what they name their child because they're going to be stuck with it for their whole life.

Years before Jeff and I were trying to get pregnant we had discussed names, even going so far as to go through a baby name book and highlight our favorites. None of those names even made the list once I was pregnant and we started considering names. lol

We try to consider how the name will sound when they're a baby, a child, a teenager and an adult. We try to consider nicknames - and names mean kids will come up with to pick on her. We try to consider how her name would make people judge her. Jeff liked to consider how it'd sound if she was in trouble and he had to yell at her. He said, "I can't be mad and yell at a Susie." Haha! We tried to cover all the bases.

Then we have to consider how the name will flow; the first and last name need to sound good together, but then it still needs to sound good if you add in her middle name. Her first and middle names need to sound good together in case you have to scold her, and it can't have some rhyme-y sound like Julia Goulia. (Yes... I did take that from The Wedding Singer.)

Then the comes the tough part. Do we name them after someone in the family? We'd love to honor someone like that, but at what cost? You don't want to offend the others you don't name them after.


Clearly, there is a lot to consider and a LOT of thought went into picking the name we picked.

We picked Madeline Jo.

We liked that Madeline would be cute on a baby and little girl, but will still be appropriate when she's a professional adult. We like the obvious nickname of Maddy - which is good since everyone is already calling her that. And I like the fact that there's a line of childrens story books about an adventurous little girl named Madeline.

We picked the middle name Jo to honor my grandpa whose name is Joseph. I know it's not customary to name a girl after a male family member, but my grandpa is too important to me... I couldn't not give him this honor. Unlike my grandma who already has multiple people named after her in our family, my grandpa does not. She'll be the first and I can only hope that she'll love it when she gets older. Unfortunately, my grandpa is extremely ill - quickly losing his battle with esophageal cancer - so she won't have the privilege of knowing him personally. I will do my best to instill in her the values that he instilled on his children and his grandchildren, I will do my best to make him a familiar name and face with countless stories and pictures of him and I will do my best to make him proud of me and how I raise her. Not to mention, Maddy Jo is a pretty flippin' cute nickname!

As you can see, we put a lot of thought into picking her name - but I think we did a pretty great job picking one that is right for her. It just feels right to me, and even though she's not here yet I can't imagine calling her anything else. Her name is now part of her identity, and I think it's fitting - even if I am a bit partial. ♥

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Small introduction

Hi! My name is Nicole, welcome to my blog. I've never kept a public blog before so I'm not sure where to start... so I figured I'd introduce myself and my little family.

I'm 24 years old, married to my best friend Jeff who's 28 and we're expecting our first child - a girl, Madeline - in August 2010. We have three "furbabies" - 2 dogs and 1 cat. They're ridiculously spoiled as they've been our babies for the last 3 years. Jeff and I have been together since May of 2003 and married since April of 2008. We currently live in Las Vegas, NV - where Jeff was born, I moved here when I was almost 8 years old - but hope to move to Ft. Collins, CO "one day"... the sooner the better in my opinion! Jeff works construction and I currently work as an office assistant/receptionist at an architecture firm. Once Madeline is here I'll be quitting my job and taking on my dream job - a stay at home mom!! I can't wait! I know there will be an adjustment period where we have to get used to less money and I'll have to work on time (and stress) management, but we know it's what best for our daughter so we'll make it work!

I wanted to start this blog to have an outlet to talk about my hopes and fears during this pregnancy, as well as to have a place to write about things I'm interested in doing with Madeline once she's here. I'll get into the nitty-gritty of everything in later posts but in summary I plan to have a natural - ie: no pain meds - birth, I plan to exclusively breastfeed, we'll be using cloth diapers and I'll selectively vaccinate my child(ren) as we see fit.

I hope that this blog serves as a way for my family and friends to keep in touch with us - since we all know how busy our schedules can get - as well as hopefully bring in some additional readers, potentially friends, who want to go on this journey with us. :o)

Now, to put our names with our faces... here are some pics!

Here I am:

This is Jeff:

This is Madeline at 20weeks, 6days gestation (I'm currently 26w6d):

These are our dogs. Rambo is the jack russell and Roxanne is the cockapoo:

And this little hellion is Molly, our kitten (pretending to like Rambo in this pic):

I hope that was a proper introduction, like I said I'm new to this blogging thing... but I hope to keep up with it and really use it to it's full potential... now to get some followers! haha! :o)