Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glucose test

I have my glucose test scheduled for Thursday morning and I'm a bit nervous about it.

I made a point to request a two hour post prandial test - which lets you eat a big breakfast, wait two hours and then go in for a blood draw - because I've always been sensitive to sugar and a bit hypoglycemic and am afraid that if I were to take the glucose drink that my body would NOT be able to break down the artificial sugars fast enough and I'd fail miserably. However, my OB suggested that we just do a fasting blood draw instead. So, Wednesday night I can eat dinner normally, and then not eat breakfast and go in for my appt and get my blood drawn. Thankfully, I'll still be able to drink as much water as needed/wanted so I won't be hungry AND thirsty.

However, I'm still worried. Worried because being diagnosed with gestational diabetes is bad news for more than one reason. For one, depending on how bad the numbers are you either have to seriously alter your diet - or, you have to give yourself insulin injections. I don't dig needles... in fact, I'm terrified of needles so the idea of having to give myself injections is not one I want to entertain. Then, there is the concern that your baby may be born extremely hypoglycemic or excessively overweight. Third, is the additional fetal monitoring "required" during labor/childbirth that my OB and the hospital's nurses would want to push on me. Excessive fetal monitoring majorly hinders the birth I hope to have. I don't want to be strapped down to the bed with various types of monitors, I don't want the "dead baby" card thrown at me every chance they get... I just really don't want to be taken out of the "low-risk" category and put into a higher risk category. The higher the risk, the harder I'll have to fight to have a natural birth in the hospital - and depending on the legitimacy of the high numbers, the higher the actual risk of complications for my child. I obviously don't want anything to harm my baby, of course I want her to be healthy - so I really don't want gestational diabetes.

I know I'm worrying about something that I have very little control over, but I can't help but to worry. I have my fingers crossed that my body will function properly and the numbers will be within the normal blood sugar range.

I'm hoping that I'm worrying for nothing.


Denise said...

I am sure you're worrying for nothing - but I am sending P&PT your way and all of my fingers and toes are crossed as well! Keep us posted. <3

RenderMeMama said...

Don't freak out sweetie. First, it won't help. Second, you are more than likely fine. I don't break down artificial sugars very well at all either. In fact, we just don't buy them at all unless we eat out. I passed with Dane though. Flying colors. With Kai, I had to do the second test but still passed with flying colors after the nasty drink crap.

Try to eat a lot of protein the night before. I know you don't eat meats but what about eggs? That is what I have always heard.

Oh, and you can always just opt to test you BS and keep track at home. The injections aren't usually necessary. *hugs*