Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glow Stick Rave!!!, I mean Bathtime

Bean's Grandma Debbie is in town and brought with her some goodies for her grandbaby. One of those goodies were some glow sticks. The kid in me loves me some glow sticks, so I loved getting to play with them with Bean.

She would have been happy with them just being plain bendy bracelets/necklaces, but the fact that they were glowing?? Oh man, color her excited!

A while ago I got the idea from Holly at Holly Days to chuck the glow sticks into the tub and let her mind explode a bit.

When I first turned the lights off she was a bit unsure. The minute I threw the glow sticks into the water she raised her arms and asked to be put in the tub. Girlfriend loved that glow stick rave bathtime.

I'm not real experienced at taking photos in dark or little light, but I still think these turned out pretty fun!!



Holly Torrico said...

You're a genius! I never even THOUGHT to LINK THEM TOGETHER!!!!!!!!

ash says OM said...

Such a great idea ... even Gavin would love it!