Sunday, September 2, 2012

Florida Gators Wreath

The summer birthdays have passed, the weather is getting cooler, apples are in season and cheap at the orchards, and finally; yesterday college football officially started. Football season.... err, FALL is my favorite season. I am a die hard Florida Gators football fan, and since Jeff and Bean are from Las Vegas - who doesn't have a football team worth following - I'm determined to have a Gators family! (Jeff picks the NFL, NHL and MLB teams we root for. I get college football dagnabit!)

I needed to make a new wreath to celebrate this favorite time of year and had been dreaming about how I'd design my Gators wreath. I had been searching Pinterest for months in preparation, but didn't find any team-inspired wreaths that really spoke to me so I decided to make a ribbon wreath - something I'd been wanting to do ever since I started making wreaths, but it never seemed like it'd work that whatever season/holiday I was making a wreath for. I love love love how it turned out.

It cost about $30 and took about 8 hours. It's so festive, I love it! GO GATORS!!!

(To view the other wreaths I've posted here on my blog click here and here I have made a total of 8 wreaths so far, though I haven't posted pictures of all of them.... perhaps one day I will. It's addicting and so much fun!)


Anonymous said...

So super cute!!!
Love, Fancy

Denise said...

I LOVE your wreaths! I wish you could make me some! I'd pay for a nice wreath!!