Saturday, September 8, 2012

Promises, Promises

Since my last substantial blog post I feel like so much has happened, and I haven't taken the time to post about any of it while it was happening, and now I feel like there's too much to talk about and it's too far in the past that I can't write about it now. But all that seems silly, so here goes... the Cliffs Notes version of all our stuff.

-/+ Bean lost Hoppy (her bunny lovey) and after a tearful 24 hours and a wannabe replacement was purchased she found her again. Thank goodness!

- Thanks to her ear infection at the beginning of August (where she needed antibiotics, her first time on meds, ever, to cure it) she came down with the most painful looking yeast diaper rash I could have imagined. I'd seen pictures of yeast diaper rashes before, but had never seen one in person, and OMG I felt so bad for her!!! After trying all the homeopathic treatments I could find online I finally had to bring her BACK to the Dr to get prescription Nystatin cream - which helped, but didn't cure it. Now that the cream is gone (yes, now because we're STILL battling it) we're alternating Lotramin A/F spray and 1% hydrocortisone ointment - as well as a neosporin/diaper cream mixture at night because the Lotramin dries her out so bad that her skin is cracking and bleeding. Oh, and high doses of probiotics mixed into her milk. It's been an uphill battle for over two weeks now. My poor girl.

+ Jeff and I got to go to the Incubus concert in Denver and had an amazing time!!! They never disappoint in concert and it was great to have a night out with my hubby.


- I'm 95% sure we got a red light ticket when we left the concert. We didn't run the red light, but we turned right while it was red. In Vegas that's allowed, apparently it's not always allowed in Colorado? But we're not used to looking for red-light-rules posted on the light poles, and we weren't sure of where we were going so we were paying more attention to our GPS and traffic, and didn't notice any signs that said we couldn't do it. But as we turned right onto the street a traffic camera flashed really bright into our car, so we're waiting to see if we get a ticket in the mail. I'm not sure how much those cost, but I'm not looking forward to paying for it.

- She is really settling in to her 'Twos' and by that I mean; she's realllllllly into saying NO to everything, dramatic crying, as well as mastering the fake cry, and has hit me twice in the last two weeks when I made her sit down to eat lunch. Oy!

+ Her vocabulary and personality are blossoming more every day. It's so nice to be able to talk to her so much more. We have actual (short) conversations now about how her day is going, or what the dogs did, or what she saw at the store, etc - instead of her saying a word and me trying to guess what it is she means to say. She also hilariously reprimands the dogs. I don't think the dogs understand her, but I do and it's hilarious that she tries to be the boss of them.

+ She's being really great about doing her 'chores' and using her manners. I say chores loosely since she loves doing them, and she uses her manners on her own usually. Please/Thank You/You're Welcome have been big points of mine to push on her. We really want her to be an appreciative and polite child, and I think we're doing a great job so far. We do have to prompt her every so often, but she usually uses them on her own. Her chores include: 1.)Letting the dogs out of their crates in the morning 2.)Putting her jammies in her clothes hamper after we get her dressed in the morning, and then putting that day's clothes in the hamper when we change her out of them at night before bed. 3.)Feeding the dogs 4.)Taking her plate to the trash/sink - emptying the leftover food into the trash, with our help if it was something messy 5.)Putting her toys/books away before bedtime 6.)Helping with laundry - she helps me sort the clothes into piles by color/type, and helps me put the wet clothes into the drier.  She loves to help, loves when we congratulate and thank her when she's done, and loves to clap and Yaaaaay! for herself.

+ Since Emily has started Kindergarten, meaning I'm not watching her anymore, Bean has adjusted her schedule back to waking up around 8:30-9:00 in the morning again and I couldn't be happier! I know it's not normal for a toddler to sleep in, but I'm not going to complain about it. I am NOT a morning person and waking up at 7am every day just about killed me! hahaha Needless to say, I've enjoyed sleeping in!

Hmm... I think that's all we have to update on for now. We had a really super busy, amazing, day today and I took about a zillion pictures so I have a lot of photo editing to do before I can post about it. Stay tuned! :o)

took this today at CSU's flower garden


Its me.. Amy said...

Two is fun compared to three. just sayin.. Yay for lots going on though. It makes life happy!

Ky Johnson said...

Woohoo for sleeping in!