Monday, September 10, 2012

Bean's 1st Gymnastics class

Saturday was a big day for our sweet Bean Girl. It was her first ever gymnastics class. If it weren't for the fact we were running late and came running through the rec center like bats out of h-e-ll, not sure where we were going - but we were running wherever it was we went, Jeff carried her, I carried the camera bag and purse, if it weren't for all THAT I think I would have gotten a little too emotional about my girl's first class. Instead, we burst through the doors, quickly greeted my mom, not-so-politely asked her to take pictures (sorry mom), and jumped in line behind the other tots and their parents.

We were to go from station to station where the littles were supposed to do that specific skill before moving on to the next station. For the most part Bean loved it, and did really well at grasping the skill. Some things, like the barrel roll down the foam wedge, are going to take some practice.

She jumped up and skooched across the bail thingie:

Then she crawled under the tunnel thingie:

Then she did a somersault down the wedge thingie:

Then she bear-crawled up these beams:

Then she jumped up and down like a maniac on the trampoline, but none of those pictures turned out. After that she'd hop from one spot to another, then in and out of a hoola-hoop that was on the floor, then she'd bear-crawl across a yoga mat, then she'd look at me like I was nuts when I tried to get her to do a barrel roll down another foam wedge, then she'd jump from a spring board up onto a bouncy mat thingie and hop like a froggy across it... none of these pictures turned out, but I assure you, she was a pro and so so cute while doing the moves.

Then he'd hang from a high bar and kick over a foam cylinder thingie:

Then she'd hang from another high bar and walk up the wedge that was leaning against the wall, she surprised me with her ability to walk all the way to the top of the wedge!

After that, she'd go to a taller high bar and just hang from it. So, she'd grab it, pull her legs up and swing:

Then she'd climb up a ladder and get to the tall balance beam and walk across it, holding our hands of course!

After she'd hop off this beam there'd be one more balance beam that was MUCH closer to the ground, she seemed to like this one better than the tall one:

And then the course would start over again. She did the whole circuit 3 or 4 times before class was over. She really loved all the gymnastic skills!

At the end of the class we played with the parachute. She's played parachute games before at the Library's storytime, so it wasn't anything new to her, but she still liked it. She didn't like going underneath the parachute, though, so when the other kids were doing that she played with Mimi on the high bars.

I can't wait until next Saturday's class. Bean loved it, and so did Jeff and I. I'm not sure if my mom will come next week or not (that's up to her), but I am so thankful she was able and willing to be there for her first class and take pictures. I may not have gotten emotional at the class due to our tardiness, but I did while looking through and editing the photos at home.


Denise said...

So awesome!!! We don't have anything like that here but I really wish we did!!

Ky Johnson said...

So, 2024 I should be looking out for her on the Olympics, yes?

shantoast said...

She is just tooooo cute!! And hair!!! :D :D