Monday, July 30, 2012

Violet's Birthday Party

Violet is Bean's first friend. Sure, the children of MY friends are her friends because when we have gotten the kids together they play and have a good time, they give hugs and sometimes kissies when we leave, but they're only friends because their moms are friends. Violet is a friend Bean met at the library story time. Because they clicked so well in class, I asked Violet's mom for her phone number and suggested we meet up for play dates at the neighborhood park. That was 6ish months ago. Vi and Bean have become great friends since and thankfully Violet's mom, Tessa, and I have become friends too!

Yesterday afternoon was Vi-Vi's 2nd birthday party. There were quite a few people at the party, which made Bean a bit shy when we first showed up. She's proven over and over that she has her Daddy's personality when it comes to socializing. She would light up and smile when Vi came up to her, but otherwise was happy playing by herself. She didn't shy away from the other kids, but she didn't join in either. After some of the people left (after cupcakes, but still early-ish) Bean came out of her shell a bit more. Talking louder than a whisper and, in general, just being less of a wallflower - which was great to see. I watched her watching other people talking, and the other kids playing, and saw her take it all in, but she didn't feel the need to join in. When there were fewer people vying for Violet's attention she finally got a bit braver and started initiating play and baby-conversations.

It was a really nice party, complete with a party-favor scavenger hunt, cupcakes, blueberries and cheddar bunnies. (Among other snacks, but those were Bean's favorites!) The sock monster that I made for Violet was a huge hit and the two girlies had a blast throwing their monsters at each other and laughing hysterically about it. I got a few pretty nice pictures during the party, they'll make for good memories of the first birthday party Bean got invited to.

The sock monster I made for Violet
 My sweet Bean-Girl
playing house
showing me one of her scavenger hunt treasures - a ladybug

 Tessa giving Violet her cupcake!
 Mmmm!! Yummy cake!

 They were cracking up at themselves!

I'm so so so happy that Violet liked the sock monster - people seem to either love them or think they're weird -  and I'm so so so happy that Bean has Vi-Vi for a friend! It's so heartwarming to see her be her own little person, making her own friends, showing off her funny and loving personality - I look forward to seeing them grow together, hopefully becoming better friends as they get older!

I've got some big birthday party shoes to fill, I hope that Bean's birthday party (only TWO weeks away!!!! gulp) is as fun as Violet's was!! It'll be the first time that Bean has a party where she has other toddler-friends there and I'm still trying to figure what to do at the party as far as entertainment goes. I'll be on Pinterest between now and the day of her party looking for ideas!! Haha!


shantoast said...

those three pictures of Bean are the CUTEST!! I'm glad she had such a fun time at her first birthday party. I can't believeeee hers is almost here!

Joni said...

those sock monsters are adorable. i just love the colors. my girls would love those!