Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The first week of my watching Emily, Bean was just enamored with her. She followed her everywhere, copying everything she did, watching in awe when Emily'd play with her toys.

The second week Bean was beginning to be 'over it' and became quite whiny whenever Emily would touch her toys or stuffed animals. She'd come over to me and whine and point in Emily's direction as if she was tattling on her. "Mooooooom..... she's touching my stufffffffff!!" or something like that. She'd run to me, lip pouting and make whiny noises and put her head on my chest, hugging me tight with her arms. She didn't like what was happening, but didn't know how to fix it.

This week she has learned a new word: Mine! Accompanied with her other new favorite word: Hey! I'm pretty sure that I hear Bean exclaim, "Heeeeeeeyyyy!!!" and "MINE!" more often than anything else.

Girlfriend is all about sharing and playing with other kids when it's an occasional occurrence. Playdate? No prob! Playtime after storytime? She rocks at sharing! Interacting with kids at the park? She's the queen of taking turns.

But all day, every day, in her own house? She's OVER it.

 playing next to each other
Momma!!!! Mine!!!

I know part of the issue is that she's gonna be 2 in less than a month. The other part of it is that up until I started watching Emily it was just me and Bean all day (save for Library Storytime and playdates). She is used to me being there at her disposal, she's used to her toys being her toys, she's used to doing her thing on her schedule.

I try to remind her, every 5 minutes, that she needs to share. That she can play with Emily. That it'll be fun to play with Em. I reassure her that her toys are fine, that Emily is allowed to play with them, that she has 200 other toys to pick from. When all else fails I just rub her back and tell her that it's ok, while I wait for that melt down to pass.

It's all just a big adjustment and I'm sure she'll get the hang of sharing me and her things just about the time that Emily starts school and then Bean will complain about being bored. Ha!

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Larissa said...

The picture sequence is hilarious! Oh, sweet Bean. <3