Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bedtime tradtions

I would imagine that most moms/parents have a set bedtime routine for their littles. Every night since forever I've done the same routine at Bean's bedtime.

Bathtime. (some days if we're running late or if we didn't DO anything we'll skip this)
Brush teeth.
Put diaper and PJs on.
Snuggle on the couch while having her bedtime bottle.
Go to her room where she kisses her Daddy goodnight.
She and I sit in the glider and I recite from memory her bedtime story:

I Love You Through and Through
I love you through and through.
I love your top side, and your bottom side.
Your inside and your outside.
Your happy side, and your sad side.
Your silly side, and your mad side.
I love your fingers and toes.
Your ears and nose.
I love your hair and your eyes.
Your giggles and cries.
I love you running and walking.
Silent and talking.
I love you through and through,
and Tomorrow, too.

Then I tell her, from the book, The Help:
You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important.

I know the grammar isn't correct, but the message is truer than true.

Then we give kissies and I lay her down in bed.

Lately it's been more and more obvious how big she's getting. When we started this routine my baby's head was cradled in my right elbow and her feet were draped over my left hip. Now she sits straddling and facing me. Her knees are bent, she lays her head on my chest and the top of it touches my collar-bone. She moves her hands to demonstrate the words in the bedtime story, she agrees with each line from The Help quote by 'uh-huh!'ing out loud. She will be two years old in 5 short weeks. My baby is slipping away from me and is being replaced with a kid. I hope that she'll want to continue on our bedtime routine even after she gets moved into a big girl bed. Even when she's too big to snuggle on my lap. Even when she starts school.

Her first year felt like it took a long time to come to a close, but this second year has literally flown by. I'm afraid that if I blink she'll be grown. She won't want me to recite I Love You Through and Through or kiss her in front of her friends. I'm having a serious case of 'where did my baby go'-itis.

For now I'll cherish our bedtime routine. I'll smile and laugh as she acts out the story while I tell it. I'll soak in her kissies and let her linger as long as she wants with her head on my chest. I love our routine, and my sweet Bean. I just can't focus on the fact that she'll be a big kid before I'm ready for her to be.

4th of July was today. We had a good day having a family BBQ at my aunt and uncle's house. It was HOT outside and because of how hot and dry it's been (and all the fires around Colorado) fireworks were forbidden. It was a fun day and a quiet night. I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday as well!


Larissa said...

Oh sweet Nic! I caught a glimpse of this bedtime routine when you were staying at my home - I'll admit that I lingered near the door just a bit to hear what you were saying. I got misty-eyed! You are the best momma. She might be getting older, and will probably fight you during her growing up, but she will remember this routine. My mom and I still call or text each other our own "I love you up to the moon and down, around the world and back again" every day and I'm 28! I sure love you two. And my own momma!

Ky Johnson said...

Aww, that is incredibly sweet.