Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bean Girl is TWO!

Happy Birthday Bean! It absolutely amazes me that my little baby isn't a baby anymore, but instead a bonafide toddler. She looks more like a kid now, less like a baby. She's going a million miles a minute; running, jumping, hopping, climbing and talking. Talking SO much! Her speech and vocabulary has exploded in the last month! For a couple weeks before her two year well check I started writing down the words I'd hear her say and was astounded that she was regularly saying and using 109 words! Her pediatrician was impressed with the number of words she says and the fact that she strings together 2-word sentences. She weighed in at a whopping 22.5lbs (5% she's always been petite), is 33.5" tall (45%), and her head is 19" around (70% sorry for the big head genes, kiddo).

Jeff and I spent an hour the night before her birthday blowing up 60 balloons and put them on her bedroom floor so she'd get a birthday surprise when she woke up. I know that she doesn't understand what a birthday is, but I wanted her to know it was a special day. She had never had a room full of balloons, so I'm hoping that the balloons did the trick. She loved them!


After we dropped Emily off at her theater class we went to my mom's for a quick birthday breakfast where Bean had a pumpkin muffin. I meant to put a candle in it to make it more festive, but forgot the candle.... Still, we sung, and she didn't like it. lol. She liked the muffin, though!

Her birthday was an exciting day.... she finally was old enough to get her grocery-cart-car-drivers-license. And, check out the name of the car!

 We ended the day with an official "birthday cupcake" complete with candle and singing - which she did not enjoy - but I think she appreciated the chocolate cake. :)


Her birthday party was Thomas themed. We held it at my mom's house on Saturday and after many days on Pinterest, many late nights crafting, many hours baking, and then more hours setting up and decorating the party went off without a hitch. I'm exhausted after the ordeal, but I'm SO glad that I did all the planning and preparing that I did because my girl loved her party. I'll let the pics speak for themselves.


Now that the festivities are done I have to get back to real life. I had let the house completely go for the 3 days leading up to her party, trading house work for party planning, but now it looks like a bomb went off up in here. I thought I was almost over my cold, but now feel like it's just moved from my sinuses to my chest - making it hard for me to breathe. It's going to be FUN trying to clean the house, as well as purging Bean's old toys to make room for her new birthday toys, with Emily and Bean running amok in the apartment. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* I'm going to go to bed early-ish tonight and hope that I'll wake up feeling 100% better. 

I can't believe I've been a Mommy for 2 years now. ♥


Denise said...

Looks like the party went excellently and you did an awesome job!!!!!!! Everything looked awesome!!

shantoast said...

happy birthday, m!! looked like a fun party :D

also, remember what i said. big head = big brains!!! :D :D