Monday, August 6, 2012

100th post

I had wanted to write a super fun, extra special, post for my 100th post, but instead I'm sick with a horrible head cold and it seems like my brain has been replaced with cotton balls.

Bean was down with the sickness first, but then shared it with me. Thanks a lot, kid. I believe it's just a cold, but I haven't been sick in YEARS so I feel like I'm dying. Bean's congestion seeped into her ear and has an ear infection in her left ear. Thankfully, two days into taking her antibiotics and she's back to bouncing off the walls like normal. I, however, don't have health insurance (because we can't afford it, not because I'm not eligible) so I'm just hoping that my ears clear up before an infection sets in.

Despite being sick we had a nice weekend enjoying the cool(er) weather and the county fair. I think if Bean could, she'd say that her favorite part of the fair is the 4H animals. She really enjoyed mooing at the cows, baaing at the sheep and quacking at the ducks. My favorite part of the fair was the funnel cake. Mmmmm. It was delicious! Jeff had high hopes that Bean would want to go on ALL THE RIDES

now that she's (almost) two, but it didn't quite work out that way. First of all, the tickets are $1/each, and even the little kiddie rides cost 3 tickets - which really meant 6 tickets since it's not like Bean-Girl would have gone alone. That's $6 to ride ONE ride, ONE time. Since she is obsessed with Thomas we thought the train ride would be a good one. It was easy, the track went in an oval shape, there were no hills to climb - and then fall, and it moved slow. While waiting our turn she looked like she was excited. I kept telling her how fun it'd be, etc. But the SECOND we entered the gate and I put her in the train car she started crying. First loop around was all crying. Big tears, "No!"ing, and reaching out for Jeff and my mom who were just outside the gate trying to get her to smile for a picture. Second loop she only cried through half of it, but continued to sniffle and "" quietly. I think there were 6 loops around the track, but there was never any point where she decided it was fun. I think she just hated it less by the time we got off. (Sorry I didn't take any pictures.... it really didn't even occur to me what with being sick and all.)

By the time we left the fair it was almost 2 hours passed her naptime, and of course she fell asleep in the car, but she only got about 15-20 mins of sleep before we were home. You may think that I could have gingerly unbuckled her carseat clips, picked her up, coaxed her head onto my shoulder, walked into the house, took her shoes off, and then laid her into her crib to finish her nap. If you thought that was what would happen you'd be wrong. I did all those things, but she refused to go back to sleep.

My cold, plus about 1,000 farm animals, and 5 hours of sunshine, left me feeling exhausted and like I'd hit a brick wall. Jeff graciously let me lay down and try to take a nap while he entertained Bean. I tried to nap, I drifted in and out of sleep, but I didn't wake feeling refreshed. After 2 hours I got up, sick of coughing and gagging on sinus drainage, and decided I had to get some better meds. Careful though, peeps, don't take too many decongestants at once like I did - accidentally - because you will feel drunk. And nauseous. By the time I fell asleep last night, breathing effortlessly thanks to Afrin, I crashed hard. I slept straight through until my alarm went off at 7:15.

I still feel like crap today, but oh well. Emily is here, she has theater class Monday-Thursday and dance class on Friday. Bean's second birthday is Thursday and I want to plan something fun for her that day. Her 2yo well check is Friday, and her birthday party is Saturday. I have a LOT to do this week, so regardless of the fact that I'm not feeling well I need to get stuff done. I think this is the worst part of being an adult/parent. The fact that you can't just curl up under the covers and have your mom or spouse take care of you. No, no. Not anymore. Now you have to go get your own medicine. You still have to change those dirty diapers. You still have to feed your family. That laundry is still taunting you, etc. Take heed young people - enjoy your sick days. Soak in all the pampering your mom gives you, take lots of looooooooooong naps, watch crappy tv and read good books. Maybe even milk it for an extra day if you can because once you grow up you don't get sick days anymore.


Ashley said...

Being sick as a dog when you're a momma SUCKS! Like you said, no sick days there! I hope you feel better soon!! xoxo

Larissa said...

Poor sick Nic! (& Bean!) Words of wisdom from you for sure. It's no fun being a sick adult! I can't even imagine how un-fun it is to be sick with kids. I was sick when my mom came to visit me in February (well, had thrown my back out) and I already had the days off. I cannot even TELL you how wonderful it felt to have her take care of me! It had probably been ten years since she'd been able to do so. I relished every moment!