Sunday, November 7, 2010


The singer, P!nk, that is. Her "FUNHOUSE" album, to be exact.

Madeline LOVES P!nk. I don't know what it is that makes her love her songs, but it's the ONLY cd I can listen to all the way through in the car. I have a 6 disk cd changer in my car, but have only gotten to listen to the other cds in the changer when she's not in the car with me.

If she's in a good mood when I put her in the car she'll tolerate another cd, or radio station, for a little while... but after about 20 mins she's OVER it. If she's in a bad mood from the get-go she won't tolerate anything else.

And I'm not joshing you, guys. Literally, she'll fuss and whine at me. I hit the button for the #4 slot and when P!nk's "FUNHOUSE" cd starts playing the fussing stops. She's quiet. I swear, I see her feet kicking along to the beats. alright, maybe not... but her feet ARE kicking, and I can pretend it's to the music, ok?

It's like magic. It's a good thing I like that cd, otherwise I wouldn't be very happy while driving around town. However, I would like to find other artists/albums she likes because the same 12 songs are getting kind of old.


Larissa said...

What a random CD for Maddy to like! LOL .... cute baby girl :)

Holly - Holly Days said...

Hhhhhaaaaaahhhhhaaaaa!!!!! I think it says a lot about her personality!!

Malorie, Sonny & Ikaika said...

Try Paramore, Ikaika LOVES their song only exception. I kid you not he does the same thing if Paramore, The Used, Taylor Swift, or Explosions In The Sky aren't playing. He likes my music, and hates Sonnys rap music. Lol