Monday, November 8, 2010


Nugget: (Nuh-get) noun: 1. Sister from another mister. 2. BFF 3. Chelsea Handler's Little Person assistant. (which is where we stole the term of endearment.)

My Nugget bought me a plane ticket so Madeline and I can go up to Northern California for a week to visit her!!! We leave Wednesday and will be there for a week. I'm really looking forward to spending so much time with her and her boys, and am looking forward to her getting to snuggle Miss Maddy Jo. <3 I hate that we live so far away from each other now, but am so thankful and blessed that she's been able to fly me up there a few times since she moved away.

I'm not, however, looking forward to Madeline's first plane ride.

I'm terrified that she's going to be a holy terror on the plane. She doesn't like to just sit still. Ever. She likes to be up, walking around, looking at the world. She also doesn't like to take naps unless she's at home, in her bed. When you try to make her do either of those things she yells and cries about it.

I don't want to be THAT lady with THAT baby on the plane.

I know I've got to have a bottle ready for take off and landing. I know I need to bring some of her fave toys to (try to) entertain her. I need to bring one of her blankies so it smells like home. I need to bring a bink so she can suck on something after her milk is gone; I don't want her ears to hurt her.

I need to remind myself that it's only an hour and a half long flight, so even if she is acting a fool it won't last for too long. And she's only 3 months old for goodness sake! People can't expect her to be an angel! (Though, I know that when her cries are making them want to gouge their eardrums out, that they won't take her age into consideration... they'll just want me to shut her up... NOW!)

And finally, I need to make sure to not have any cash on me, otherwise I may be forced to buy the little bottles of alcohol, and then I'd be the drunk version of THAT lady with THAT baby on the plane who everyone wishes they could strangle.

If any of you readers are veteran plane+baby travelers PLEASE give me any advice you have. I'll need all the help I can get!
(No, she doesn't have her own seat so she won't be strapped into her car seat. That wasn't an option money-wise, so she'll be on my lap/in my arms.)


Holly - Holly Days said...

I was THAT lady with THAT baby for FOUR hours.

NOTHING was helpful in the end & really, people were understanding about it.

Your mantra, should things get crazy, "This will be over soon. I'll be there shortly It CAN'T last forever." That's what got me through Collin's FOUR HOUR tantrum during BOTH flights.

Ness said...

FYI, they don't accept cash anymore so your credit card works JIC you need booze :D
BTW, I've been that mom with that baby with both girls. It doesn't last forever, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Melatonin, just a dabble under the tongue. Snuggle her...those were our tricks.

Angi said...

I almost just told you that you can bring her car seat, unless the flight is full...but then I snapped out of it and remembered that you won't be lugging your Britax into that plane! HAHA. You will have her in one of your carriers to walk around the airport right? I think she will do just fine, it is a short flight luckily! Even if she's not a perfect angel, she has an angel face and people are generally pretty sweet to the little sweeties in our life.
Best of luck and have a GREAT time with your nugget! YAY!