Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 months

I can't believe my Madeline is already 3 months old! It seriously doesn't seem like that much time has passed! But I will say that I don't miss those first 3 months. I would not like to relive them. I really like who she is at 3 months old. She's really got her personality figured out, she's on a pretty good - self set - schedule, and she's really fun to interact with. Her colic symptoms are all but gone and she's becoming a much happier girl.

This is not to say that I haven't enjoyed the last 3 months, but I was sleep deprived for most of it and it was emotionally draining at times - especially when the colic was bad.

I'm really enjoying 3 month old Maddy Jo and look forward in anticipation for what new developments this month brings. ♥

12lbs 9.5oz


Denise said...

Helloooo sweet baby girl! My goodness is she ever cute. Happy 3 months!!!!

Ashley said...

It's so amazing how quickly the time goes! I'm glad to hear that things are getting much better for you guys. You should post these monthly pictures together so we can see the changes. :)

Amber said...

Don't feel bad for not missing those first months. Newborns are hard work and soooo draining, emotionally and physically. She is getting into a really fun stage now!

Mama said...

She is such a little cutie. I want to reach through and tickle that little foot there. Things get really fun at 3 months too. They are so much more aware. <3