Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photo Editing

I wish that 1.I really knew how to edit photos 2.I had money to buy nice photo editing software 3.I had/took the time to teach myself how to edit photos using said editing software.

This was edited using the Pixler Grabber/Editing software. It's a free editing program, but seems to be able to do more than, say, Picnik and the grabber feature lets you right-click and edit anything you come across on the internets... pretty neato if you ask me!

Doesn't ^that^ editing make my Maddy Jo look artsy and so cool? Yea, I thought so too. ;)

Here's the original photo for comparison:


Mama said...

<3 She is such a little cutie. I am a fan of mostly unedited pictures myself but that is a whole different tangent that I am sure you have read. Heh. Have you tried Picasa? I use their download editor and love it. Its free too.

Nicole said...

I DLed Picasa, but can't figure it out! Granted, I haven't tried very hard, but I can't get it to bring a pic up to edit. It's a great photo viewer, but I can't get the editor to work.

I totally agree about the editing of pics. I started editing this pic to get rid of the piece of blaring white flooring the photographer left... but then found the "old photo" enhancement and ran with it. lol

Holly - Holly Days said...

It looks awesome!!!! I love playing with & editing my photos to see what different feels & effects I get!