Friday, November 29, 2013

Bug's first Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was our first Thanksgiving with the Buggy-boy! ♥ It is holidays and family get togethers that make me stop and reflect back on the last holiday or the last time the family got together and notice how much things have changed. Once you have babies time literally FLIES by in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, before I go getting all sappy and sentimental AGAIN let me just briefly touch on how thanksgiving went.

Bug wore the same "Baby's first Thanksgiving" onesie that Bean wore on her first Thanksgiving back in 2010. It was baggy on her. It was pulling tight on him. Haha!

I love that having two summer babies means I get to compare them in the same outfits at the same holidays! :)

Disclaimer: I am a stickler about not giving our babies solid food until they are 6 months old. There is endless research - medical research - about why delaying solids until 6 months or later is best for baby's gut. Bug will be 6 months old in 6 days. He's been extremely interested in watching us eat for almost 2 months now, he mastered his pincher grasp about 3 weeks ago, he doesn't have his tongue thrust reflex anymore... the only thing he doesn't have on his checklist before giving solids is: sitting up unassisted. But, have you seen the size of his head? It's heavy. I don't blame him for not being able to sit up quite yet. All that to say, we made the executive decision yesterday to let Bug try a small taste of plain baked sweet potato. It was Thanksgiving after all, and it was only 1 week "early".

Good news: He didn't ab-so-lutely hate it like Bean did. He also didn't love it. He probably only ate a total of 1/2 of a teaspoon and it went like this: first small taste - gnaw, mash, sucksucksuck, swallow. second small taste - gag and shake head around. third small taste - gnaw, mash, sucksucksuck, swallow. fourth small taste - gag and shiver shoulders like he got the heebie jeebies. Haha. He was pretty unimpressed, and I wasn't hell bent on making a meal of it, I just wanted him to try it. And he did. Now we'll wait until his half-birthday before trying something else. :)

My long-time friend crocheted Bug a suuuuuper sweet Turkey beanie for his first Thanksgiving. He's been wearing it every time we've gone outside since it came in the mail, but it looked really perfect with his Baby's First Thanksgiving onesie. Everyone at dinner loved it and it completed his ensemble!

She makes custom hats and scarves and hats for any holiday you can think of! If you'd like to order one from her let me know and I'll give you her info. :)

Alright... Jeff wants to go out into the crowds to try to snag a few good deals at the Black Friday sales so I've got to get going. I hope everyone who reads my tiny blog had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones! ♥

(I didn't get any pictures of Bean yesterday because she was busy outside playing with her cousin non-stop!)

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