Monday, July 26, 2010


Madeline is a stubborn girl with her own agenda and is making it known to me now, that SHE is in control of things around here - not me.

Her position was first noticed/mentioned at a follow up ultrasound appointment that I had at 31 weeks pregnant. The Dr. causually mentioned "Hmm, she appears to be breech... BUT don't worry, she still has plenty of time to turn to the head-down position."

Telling ME not to worry about something is pointless, so when I got home I immediately looked into the policies/laws regarding breech births in my state as well as exercises and techniques I could do on my own to try to persuade her to flip into the correct position sooner than later.

My Dr will NOT deliver a breech baby vaginally. Neither will any of the midwives in the organization that my doula is a member of. None of the hospitals I contacted would knowingly deliver a breech baby in their facility. I was beginning to panic. While some people may suggest that I have an unassisted homebirth, or just wait until I'm in VERY active labor (read: ready to push) and then just show up unplanned at the hospital and give birth vaginally because there is no other option - those options aren't right for me or for our family. I'm a planner, and I was a girl scout for my entire academic career - so I'm way too honest to lie/omit my "plan" and just wing it once I'm in labor.

I immediately starting doing two different inversion techniques found on to try to help her flip to head-down on a daily basis.

This one I do for 20-30 minutes at a time with an ironing board and it KILLS my hips:

This one is much easier, but I can only do it for about a minute and a half before I can't breathe and my face starts to go numb:

So far, neither has worked. I'm currently 36 weeks, 3 days pregnant. Typically, babies should be in the head-down position around week 32. I've heard many-a-success story about babies that flip at 37, 38 or even 39 weeks of pregnancy... but with every day that passes and her head remains JAMMED up into my ribs I worry that it's just not going to happen.

I will have another ultrasound next Wednesday and if she's STILL breech my OB will check if her umbilical cord is long enough, if she has enough amniotic fluid surrounding her and the general health/condition of my uterus to see if I qualify for her to attempt to manually flip Maddy via an External Cephalic Version.

the upbeat music kills me

*IF* she attempts the ECV, it is truly a last ditch effort to give me the opportunity to have a natural birth. But, it is not without risk. I would have to be admitted to the hospital, put on an IV and monitored JUST IN CASE all the pushing and prodding puts the baby into distress, or in extreme circumstances if it breaks my water.

Statistically, ECVs are successful about 53% of the time. Not great odds, I know. My Dr. said that in her 12 years of practicing she's performed between 150 and 200 ECVs and has been successful about 70% of the time. She said that she's never had the ECV attempt induce someone's labor - or break their water - but did make it clear that it doesn't always work, and it may be a bit painful. I'm hopeful that she'll flip on her own before then, or that the ECV will work if/when I go in for the procedure.

*IF* she just REFUSES to flip, I will have to have a c-section. Something that I'm not wanting, or looking forward to, but I understand that I'll do what I have to do to ensure that Madeline is born in a safe, healthy, manor.

So... that's what's been going on with us lately. I hadn't wanted to mention her breech position before now because I thought I might jinx something if I did... but now that I'm ALMOST full term (Hell-o?! I'm full term in 4 days!!!) and we're running out of time - and room - for her to flip on her own I figured I'd suck it up and explain the situation thats going on in case I end up having a c-section.

I'll keep ya posted. ;)


RenderMeMama said...

Chin up sweetie! The important thing is that you end up with a healthy mama and baby right? I know that agony I went through dreading being induced with both of my boys and how emotional it was for me that I wasn't getting the "perfect birth" but you know what? As soon as I saw their tiny, angry little faces it didn't matter anymore. At the end of the day I was still holding my little babies and I literally didn't give it one more thought. I know all too well too though how it feels to read something like that and think "yeah, yeah" or "but, but" but I'm being honest with you. Just trust your instincts and let that be the deciding factor. <3

(BTW, the music in that video totally slayed me too. lol)

Holly - Mama Torrico said...

I completely agree with her. It would royally suck for you to not get the birth experience you've been planning & hoping for & I truly hope you still do, but once you're holding her sfae in your arms, that will be all that maters. I'm crossing everything I can in hopes she will turn. I am here for ANYTHING you need. You can call/text me ANYTIME. I'll be there in the drop of a hat!

Ashley said...

Amy said it perfectly. <3 It's hard not to worry. I worried about Sean too...they were concerned he was breach and he was very high as well. Thankfully a week or two before my due date he flipped. I hope and pray that she flips for you, hun. Lots of hugs and prayers. xo

Denise said...

I really hope she flips too!!! But as someone who is terrified of c-sections as well, I've come to the conclusion that if I need one, then I'll take it. And you know how much I really don't want one!!

Good luck Nicole!! Keep laying on the ironing board! (can you please take a photo of that for us too please?? hehehe)

Nicole said...

I'm really not that "scared" of a c-section... it's more the anxiety of just not knowing what I'll be going through. If I knew this whole time that I'd HAVE to get a c-section then I could prepare for that (mentally), if I knew the version would work then I could keep all my focus on Hypnobirthing and a natural birth... but the not knowing is what has me so stressed out. I completely understand and agree that the most (only) important thing is a healthy Madeline.

RenderMeMama said...

I can see how that would be totally frustrating too. I know for me, I was convinced in my mind that I would have to have a c- section (long story) but I ended up getting both boys out on my own. It wasn't however what I was prepared for so it totally threw me for a loop. I can understand wanting to bve prepared for the birth you will have but it doesn't always work out as planned. Even if you start as a natural birth, you could always end up with a c- section.

I guess what I am saying is prep for both. I would suggest that to ANY woman though... *hugs*