Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Living in an apartment we (obviously) don't have a yard. But that doesn't mean that I don't love the outdoors and nature and want to enjoy it! My favorite afternoons are those when the weather is just right and I can open the sliding door and listen to my windchime's music and the birds singing right outside my patio. It makes sense, then, that I went out and bought a bird feeder to hang on the tree just outside my patio. Maddy, the dogs, and I love to watch the birds at the feeder.... The squirrels also love the bird feeder. Problem is - they eat all the birdseed! They scare the birds away, and have already broke one feeder by chewing through the rope - thus spilling ALL the seed onto the ground - their main objective I'm sure, since they then had a shmorgishborg at their disposal! After weeks of angrily trying to outsmart them - and failing miserably - I decided to let them have something they are allowed to eat. Enter: the squirrel corn feeder. Turns out, it's equally enjoyable (and funnier!) to watch the squirrels eating the corn!!

It's even funnier when he ALMOST falls, dangles by one leg, twirls around by one leg, and then somehow with his He-Man-Squirrel strength does a sit up and grabs the branch with his little rodent fingers.

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