Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lets RAK November - Week 2

Another week in November down, another 7 RAKs completed! Here they are!

RAK 8: Thankfully I've never had a fire emergency where I needed to call the fire department to come save the day, but I'm ssssooooo appreciative of the fact that there is a fire department to help if ever I should need them. I wanted to bake some goodies for the firefighters and drop them off at the station. So, I baked some brownies and drove to Station No. 1 in my town.... only to learn that the station was shut down for remodeling. Luckily, when I got there there was a truck sitting out front (apparently there was a mobile-trailer-office set up behind the station where a few fire fighters were in case someone in that neighborhood came for help, though, I never would have noticed the trailer if it weren't for the fireman who pointed it out!) and I saw a fireman loading up supplies. I asked him if the guys in his truck would like the brownies or if I should take them to another station. He said it was up to me, but that they'd eat them. I decided to give them to him and as I drove off I saw the fireman in the front seat stuffing his face with brownie! yay!

RAK 9: I really like when someone posts something on FB that made them think of me. I may be wrong, but I think gone are the days of sending e-cards, so instead I found funny little e-postcards at and shared them with 5 friends on FB. Here are two of my faves. (The two that were the least crude. haha!)

RAK 10: I wanted to make some treats for my apartment building neighbors. I found a delicious recipe on Pinterest for pumpkin snickerdoodles and decided to make them for my neighbors. Imagine their surprise when I rang the doorbell and when they opened the door I was there with little bags of delicious cookies!! Special delivery!!

RAK 11: I didn't get a picture of this, but I'm sure most of you have done this in the past and don't need a picture to imagine what it'd look like... I donated 3 bags of clothing to The Goodwill. I originally wanted to donate them to another shelter, but a friend pointed out that The Goodwill was helping others by providing jobs to people who (sometimes) have a hard time finding work else where because they have disabilities, etc.

RAK 12: I've heard good things about the Starbucks VIA instant coffee so I decided to put them on the windshields of some of the cars in the college parking lot (9 cars total). Jeff says that he doesn't think anyone will trust them to drink them (thinking they might be laced with something?) but I suppose that's their prerogative, I know that I didn't put anything in them and I think it's a nice gesture, because who wouldn't like a free cup of Starbucks coffee?

RAK 13: When running errands I often see people too lazy to put their shopping carts in the cart corral and instead leaving them all over the parking lot. As someone who has worked at a store with shopping carts and who has had to wrangle the carts regardless of the weather I know how bad it sucks to walk up and down every aisle and try to gather up all the carts. So, before grocery shopping one day I took a few mins and gathered up 5 stray shopping carts and put them in the cart corrals. Again, I didn't get a picture of this since I was alone when doing it and needed both of my hands.

RAK 14: I stole this RAK idea from a good friend... I found a quote I liked about beauty and printed up cards to put inside beauty products. Obviously, if you're buying skin aging creams, hair dye, concealer, etc you trying to make yourself appear/feel more beautiful. While I don't see anything wrong with buying and using those things I do wish that women and girls felt more beautiful just they way they already, naturally, are. I put 10 cards in 10 different beauty product boxes. I hope they make the consumer pause and smile, even if just for a second.

That was it for this week! I'll post 7 more next week! Happy RAKing if you're doing any of your own!


Larissa said...

I LOVE your RAKing! You are so fabulous, Nic. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Brought tears to my eyes. You are such a sweetheart.