Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The other side of the coin...

It's amazing to me how many times a day/week I find myself catching my breath, feeling that lump rise it my throat, pinching myself, or staring in disbelief... How did I get so lucky to be able to be Madeline's mom?!

~When I check on her before I go to bed; cover her with her blanket, put her bunny back in her arms, watch and listen to her sleeping soundly.

~When I get her up from her nap and she immediately nestles her head onto my shoulder and we sway back and forth in rhythm with her lullaby cd while she rubs my arm... sometimes she needs a little snuggle before she's fully awake.

~When I pucker my lips and make the "muah, muah" noise trying to get the squirrel's attention because I know she'll like to look and squeal at him, but instead she doesn't even notice the squirrel and bends and twists to get in front of my face and plants a big kiss on my lips.

~When she stumbles and falls and immediately looks for me and comes running.

~When she hides behind the door and dramatically plays peek-a-boo with me. The harder I laugh, the harder she whips her head back and forth and the louder she GASPS when she comes out from behind the door as if she really surprised me.

~When she comes to me, raises her arm - gives me her outstretched hand, and then leads me into her room to help her get a new toy out to play with her. (since the 84 other toys that were already out are old and boring now. ;) )

~When I'm cooking or doing dishes and she comes up behind me, buries her face into the back of my legs and wraps her arms around my knees.

~When she wants me to pick her up and she enthusiastically throws her arms into the air and then signs "please" (in sign language) and then throws her arms up again.

~And then when I pick her up like she asked me to: she curls her arms up between her chest and mine and then leans into me. Her head under my chin. Happily kicking her legs or wiggling her hips - making it apparent that she's happy to be where she is... in her Momma's arms.

I love this little Bean more than I thought was possible. And I am so lucky to be her Momma. Can't get enough of her. ♥

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Denise said...

Favourite post yet. <3