Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Eight

Day Eight: Post a photo that makes you laugh. What made this moment so funny?

we rule @ picking out clothes

Ah, yes. My brother, Chad, and I at some bar in some hotel/casino in Reno, NV the night before our paternal Grandfather's funeral. We're keepin' it classy here, people!

We got to the hotel in time for some dinner and some drinking. But first, a wardrobe change was necessary. He goes into the bathroom to change, I stay in the room part of the room. I holler when I'm done, he comes out when he is. And we smile and nod when we notice that we both decided it'd be appropriate to wear ridiculous shirts to help narrate our intentions for the evening.

Fast forward to this picture. I can't remember the song, but we were in a dueling piano bar - drinking, singing (it was more like yelling), and dancing (ok, it was more like swaying) to the music. We asked some guy next to us to take our picture because, well, we don't get together often, but when we do we make sure to have fun and we wanted to mark the occasion. *This* was the result.

Cheesy shirts? Check.
Embarrassingly rosey cheeks/nose? Check.
Beer IN the picture (to remove all doubt about our mental state)? Check.
Glassy eyes? Check.
Making the best of a crappy situation? Double Check.

Fun memory with my fun brother? You got it, Check!