Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mommy Confessions

My good friend Amy does a "Mommy Confessions" every week on her blog, and I really enjoy it, so (in an attempt to a. stay awake and b. write a new blog post) I thought I'd give it a whirl too.

Copied from her blog Render Me Mama :

Ok, so we all have them. I have decided its time to stop keeping them to myself in hopes that other mommies will realize that none of us are perfect. Here are my dirty little secrets for the week in hopes it will encourage me to be better. What are yours?

What are mine, Amy? Let me tell you...

1. A couple of weeks ago, after a 45 min car ride - 20 mins of which Madeline was FUH-REAK-ING out, I hurriedly parked the car, got out, ran around the back to get her... and realized that I locked the doors. With my keys AND MY CHILD inside. Panic ensued.

Thankfully, it was a nice day for once - only in the 70s, so I didn't have to worry about her dying of heat stroke, and the window was cracked... not cracked wide enough for me to fit my arm in, however. After running inside the center I was at and telling them what happened, asking anyone that could to help me to please come and try to break into my car and rescue my baby I got on the phone with AAA. They say that they'll send a locksmith and the fire department, but it could take up to 30 mins. More crying ensued. On my part. Madeline hadn't ever stopped crying in the first place. While we're waiting for the locksmith and/or fire department to show up the people from the center magically got my car open by using an umbrella and a tent pole. A tent pole? yes, a tent pole. I don't know who had a tent pole in their trunk, but I'm glad they did!

I immediately scooped up Madeline, apologizing to her a thousand times. She stopped crying immediately and fell asleep in my arms after her ordeal. I'm suuuuuper paranoid now and check that the keys are in my hand about a million times before I close the door.

2. Madeline never spits up. Seriously, she's spit up maybe a total of 4 or 5 times in her 2.5 months of life. But there was this one time... that I'm about to tell you about... that may help secure my trophy for Mother of the Year if the locking my baby in my car story didn't already win me that title.

So, last week Madeline would NOT go to sleep. She was fighting sleeping, crying, fussing, squirming, etc. WOULD.NOT.GO.TO.SLEEP. Her bedtime routine started at 7:30. I wasn't able to lay her down until after 10:30. That's over 3 hours people! So... I lay her down - FINALLY - and start clearing off my bed so I can lay down. And I hear the distinct sound of a spit-up-burp. I stop dead in my tracks. OH NO, SHE'S AWAKE AND COVERED IN SPIT UP. But, she's not crying. So, I tip-toe to her bed. Perhaps she just burped? I feel around her mattress, in front of her face, to see if it's wet. Nope, not wet. I don't know what made me think to feel behind her head, but I did and whatdoyouknow... spit up. She had spit up and then turned her head the opposite direction and laid her head IN THE BARF. But, she continued to sleep. It didn't wake her up.

Being the ever-loving mother that I am, I did what I thought would be best... but now looking back I know that I was wrong... I tiptoed over to her diaper drawer and pulled out a prefold. I brought it back with me to her bed, GENTLY lifted her head and slid the diaper on top of the spit up - under her head - and laid her head back down.

That's right, people. I didn't clean the spit up off my daughter's head or her bed. I just covered it up and let her sleep. With barf in her hair.

Calm down. I bathed her in the morning and did bedding laundry. But, the fact that I did that in the first place is pretty bad... and I can't un-do it. Oops.


Alright. Those are my Mommy Confessions for now. Like I said... I'm expecting my Mother of the Year award to come in the mail ANY day now. Hopefully I made a few of you laugh. But, hopefully I won't be doing anything else quite that bad anytime soon.


Desiree said...

if you're horrible for the spit up thing, then I guess I am too... Casey has leaked pee out of his diaper a handful of times and instead of getting him up, out of bed and changing his sheets, I change his diaper (he never sleeps in jammies. he always takes them off) and lay a towel under him so he can go back to sleep. i obviously bathe him the next day. but once he's been asleep, even if its just a half hour, and he wakes up for 5 or more minutes he'll stay awake for like 4 hours and its hard enough to get him to sleep... I know how you feel and i don't think we're horrible...

And he LOVES to lock himself in the car. it drives me insane. He can finally reach the lock on the door and even tho the child safety locks are on and he cant open the door, he thinks its hilarious that i can't either. i always get out, get ky out (because she sits behind me) and walk over to his door and he locks it giggling. so i knock and he unlocks it and as i reach for the handle, he locks it again. he normally does this until i unlock it with the clicker or i tell him i'm going inside. so i guess my mom of the year award is for threating to leave him in there haha.

Jaynie said...

Oh, Nicole, I don't know how to break it to you, but you have not done anything that at least half the mothers in the universe have not done at least once. It seems like you are learning to laugh at yourself, that's great! You have a fussy baby, so let her sleep when she's sleeping, no crime in that!!!! As far as the keys, you will learn to stick them directly in your purse, diaper bag or pocket before you close the door. There must have been a Girl Scout or a MacGyver there, using a tent pole to open a locked door! Love it.
And I love your blog! The first one made me laugh and cry, as Stewie says. Keep it going. But lose the guilt.....I know, you never will. My baby is 26 and I am still making mistakes and feeling guilty, so there you have it....

Render Me Mama said...

OH dear. I would have freaked out about the car thing too but what can you do?? Especially when you are sleep deprived and the baby is screaming and stress and all that crap. I am obsessive about keys anyway though. Maybe because my husband is so careless with them.

For the spit up, I never cleaned my kids up either. it interferes with my strict "never wake a sleeping baby" rule...